A few examples

Here’s a sampler of work I’ve done to identify and action the things that unlock outstanding performance ⚡, driving:
positive impact & sustainability, growth opportunties, new futures and lean, effective operations .

Typically, I work with executive stakeholders, and execution teams to design, test, build and embed things like:
business or operating models • tech products & services • experiences • teams • processes • or strategic plans. Over the last few years, I’ve found there’s enormous potential 💎 in uncovering where the best interests of people, the planet, and profit intersect to create compounding value for all three 💪. That’s the most exciting and urgent challenge.

Please note; client names aren’t mentioned to respect confidentiality.

More projects & places

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About me

I’m an executive-level strategy maker/do-er, business designer, impact entrepreneur and speaker. I’ve spent my career working globally to help market-leading companies and market-breaking startups scale, transform, and continuously launch things their customers rave about, backed by solid operations, and often driven by advanced tech. And I firmly believe that what’s better for the world is also better for business.

Don’t take my word for it, there’s a mountain of proof - here is a diagram. So, now I focus on helping ambitious businesses and social enterprises who want to do something incredible for the world while performing at their very best.

I lead cross-disciplinary teams that help companies imagine new futures, uncover the highest-potential opportunities - operationally or in the market, identify leverage points for change, then join the dots to get there - and execute fast.

My sweet spot is working on the fringes of what’s familiar; where things start to get a bit uncomfortable, and where there tends to be a lot of volatility, uncertainty, change, and ambiguity (VUCA).

I do this through executive leadership in operational and business design, growth and product strategy, lean execution, and - most importantly, orchestrating diverse skillsets to drive toward a common vision - from designers, data scientists and engineers, to citizens and customers. My own toolbox includes co-creation and executive/stakeholder facilitation, analysis and insight/foresight, design, investor relations, behavioural psychology, and an eye for awesome, talented people.

I’ve done this for <$1 start-ups and >$10B Fortune 500 corporations and Sovereign Wealth Funds, for friends, philanthropists, farmers… and once, a President

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Thanks for visiting. If you’re curious, let’s have a chat. I’m currently based in NZ, and work remotely in most time zones.

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