The future of money: can we create resilient societies without it?

I've worked on several projects researching and designing for the future of finance, currencies, and trade; this is the latest exploration. In 2020, a couple of collaborators and I launched the Montreal chapter of Speculative Futures, part of the Design Futures Initiative. Here's a recording of one of the events we ran. Running the event on zoom as most of Canada was still in lockdown, we took the opportunity to bring together over 50 designers, strategists, engineers, scientists, artists, and futurists from across North America.

In this panel discussion, a series of speakers from different backgrounds join us to share their unique views on the role money should play, or not, in our society and communities;

  • Cyprien, a cryptocurrency expert
  • Paxus, from the oldest commune in North America
  • Udit, pioneering co-operative business models.
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