Often times, websites devote a non-trivial amount of css to setting font-size. They declare an unnecessary amount of different font-sizes that upon inspection, don’t come close to resembling a sane type scale.

Half Space

Contemporary housing developments in China, and Asia alike, have been experiencing a constant surge of suburban sprawl in relation to its economic growth and global consumerist culture.

House in Messines

The scale figure is an important element in architecture representations. To juxtapose the human presence against a structure is not only to measure its proportions, but also to experimentally inject life to the project itself and deliver a spatial walkthrough for viewers that lack the accessibility to the space.

Grid Bench

When it comes to minimalist design, one aspect that often comes into question is comfort. Minimal design is about finding the purist form of an object or structure, while also being innovative and functional. There is often a compromise to achieve a desired form or aesthetic. And as far as we’re concerned, that is absolutely fine. It’s all about balance.

Slow Living in Lockdown

I think that’s the first time I’ve heard them so clearly from my flat in London. The soundscape has utterly changed in the last few weeks, and the sound of traffic has been swapped for nature. I lay in bed for a while, listening and enjoying.

How I stopped hiding behind organizational skills

The Minimalism Game was invented by Joshua and Ryan, a pair of guys that are better known as The Minimalists. The object of their game is to declutter unnecessary possessions over thirty days. The rules are simple. The first day you get rid of one item. The second day, two items. The third day, three items, and so on.


The company was born out of the desire to make home products that subscribe to the “less but better” philosophy—thoughtful, quality pieces that stand the test of time. KROFT believes when you surround yourself with thoughtful design, everything just feels better. With several signature products and a growing product line, KROFT is on a mission to help people fall in love with their homes.

Guillaume Alan

Balancing comfort, restraint, serenity, and minimalism to create a beautiful simplicity in interior design. Welcome to the mind of interior designer Guillaume Alan.

Ode to Eero

A mood that takes us back to the 60s where minimalism in design really started to take shape. This is also a period of design innovation, not least by Finnish interior designer Eero Aarnio.

You seem cool

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