Hello, I’m Courtney

I like to build high-performing tech businesses that make something in the world better.

I agree with Mr. G.B Shaw; “Progress depends on the unreasonable”. I like turning unreasonable things into viable businesses.

I work with brave founders and lead teams of driven, curious people who question what is ‘normal’. Together we uncover, build, scale and stabilise opportunities that flip industries and create a ripple effect of positive change, by driving:

Some companies I’ve worked with:

Places & projects

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What else?

๐Ÿ› I’m a big fan of farming tiny food bugs, getting muddy, running on trails, and a bit of amateur exploring. Sometimes I head out on longer expeditions with friends. The ones that don’t go to plan are usually the best; there’s magic in the detour.
๐ŸŒฑ I get involved with local food and regenerative economy movements as much as I can, and I was a volunteer surf lifeguard ๐ŸŒŠ at Muriwai (Danger Beach TV) for 10 years. I have a lot of mini-whiteboards, zapier hacks and excel shortcuts and I hate watching TV series. Please don’t suggest one I may like. You may be right, but I still won’t watch it.

๐Ÿญ Ah - and my last name is McConnochie. I couldn’t spell it when I was little, so I rhymed it with the Mickey Mouse Club theme song and that’s still how I spell it out.

๐Ÿ“– Currently reading: ‘The Doors of Perception’ (Aldous Huxley)
๐ŸŽธ Currently learning: Biomimicry & mycelium models. Guitar.

  • Courtney McConnochie facilitating a sustainable innovation accelerator

    Taking a group through the sustainable innovation accelerator

  • Courtney McConnochie - office with a view of mountains in Switzerland

    One of the more scenic spots for an all-day meeting - Switzerland

  • Courtney McConnochie presenting on The Future of Cities in Oslo

    Speaking on the future of cities at a conference in Oslo

  • Courtney McConnochie speaking at World Food Innovation awards

    The World Food Innovation awards - Nobel Institute, Stockholm

  • Courtney McConnochie working with internal group

    Mapping how information travels within this company; both formally and informally

  • Courtney McConnochie speaking on the future of cities

    Speaking on the future of cities - London

  • Courtney McConnochie doing user research

    How people manage money - in-home user research, Norway

  • Courtney McConnochie with drill

    This is definitely also research ๐Ÿ™„

  • Courtney McConnochie at Coca-Cola in Atlanta

    Taking some Prioritisation Yoga with Coca-Cola in Atlanta

  • Courtney McConnochie mapping scenarios with company CEO

    The Board gets involved; charting probable, potential & wildcard scenarios for the future of connectivity.

  • Courtney McConnochie presenting on circular design

    the Captain Planet theme tune makes a good timing bell for a circular design workshop ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Courtney McConnochie analysing research patterns

    Ideas and analysing research patterns

  • Courtney McConnochie speaking on emergent strategy

    Speaking on emergent strategy - Stockholm

  • Courtney McConnochie planning a presentation

    Working on my posture

  • Courtney McConnochie presenting at Google in Atlants

    Co-creation turns strategy into action at Google Atlanta

  • Courtney McConnochie synthesising workshop

    Post-workshop synthesis… team bonding

  • Courtney McConnochie facilitating a workshop

    It’s a good session when the worksheets end up on the floor ๐ŸŽ‰

  • Courtney McConnochie mapping a service journey

    Strategy for end-to-end service experience; this map covers three more walls ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • Courtney McConnochie at future of cities exhibition

    Playing around with map layers at the Future of Cities exhibition

  • Courtney McConnochie facilitating a workshop

    25 people, 6 hours, 8L of coffee, one North-Star vision statement ๐ŸŽ‰

About me

Iโ€™m an executive-level strategy maker/do-er, business designer, impact entrepreneur and speaker. Iโ€™ve spent my career working globally to help market-leading companies and market-breaking startups scale, transform, and continuously launch things their customers rave about, backed by solid operations, and often driven by advanced tech. And I firmly believe that whatโ€™s better for the world is also better for business.

Donโ€™t take my word for it, thereโ€™s a mountain of proof - here is a diagram. So, now I focus on helping ambitious businesses and social enterprises who want to do something incredible for the world while performing at their very best.

I lead cross-disciplinary teams that help companies imagine new futures, uncover the highest-potential opportunities - both operationally and in the market, identify leverage points for change, then join the dots to get there - and execute fast.

My sweet spot is working on the fringes of whatโ€™s familiar; where things start to get a bit uncomfortable, and where there tends to be a lot of volatility, uncertainty, change, and ambiguity (VUCA).

I do this through executive leadership in operational and business design, growth and product strategy, lean execution, and - most importantly, orchestrating diverse skillsets to drive toward a common vision - from designers, data scientists and engineers, to citizens and customers. My own toolbox includes co-creation and executive/stakeholder facilitation, analysis and insight/foresight, design, investor relations, behavioural psychology, and an eye for awesome, talented people.

Iโ€™ve done this for <$1 start-ups and >$10B Fortune 500 corporations and Sovereign Wealth Funds, for friends, philanthropists, farmersโ€ฆ and once, a President

You seem cool

Thanks for visiting. If you’re curious, let’s have a chat. I’m currently based in NZ, and work remotely in most time zones.

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